CSS Grid tricks

Add columns for spacing on mobile
We have some content that we want to position in the center of the screen. For this we can use [[CSS Grid]]. By defining fixed values at the edges of our grid template we can achieve spacing without using padding when the grid resizes on a smaller screen.
Remember to add [[Meta viewport for mobile devices]], otherwise the content won't scale correctly on smaller screens and the spacings will not work.
<div class="grid">
<div class="content">
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.grid {
display: grid;
grid-template-columns: 20px 1fr minmax(0, 960px) 1fr 20px;

/* From the image below we can see that our content's
area starts at column 3 and ends at column 4 */

.content {
grid-column: 3 / 4;
/* This is a shorthand form of:
* grid-column-start: 3;
* grid-column-end: 4;

Here's the grid in desktop size with the grid columns highlighted using [[Chrome]]'s grid tool.
The same grid on a screen size of 411px (Pixel 2 XL) displays that our 1fr columns are very small (or non-existent) at this point leaving only our "padding" columns and the content.
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