The Etymology of Programming

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In the 1940s a technical team at [[Harvard University]] found a moth in one of their machines that caused it to not function properly. [[Grace Hopper]], who was part of the team, taped the moth to a report with the text "First actual case of bug being found". From here on the term bug became popularized as an error.
Debugging literally meant to remove any bugs from the machinery. This has sparked some discussions since it can imply that it's something other than developer error that causes the issue.
foobar comes from the military term "FUBAR", "Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition". Instead we should [[Always use real variable names in examples]]
The origin of this touches on the same category as master/slave and whitelist/blacklist. Which we are trying to move away from.
The shell (terminal) is a metaphor for a nut. We interact with the outer layer, but don't have direct access to "the inner seed", the [[Kernel]].

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